Business & Healthcare development

Schramko IPT® is the most powerful way to build your business / healthcare practice.

Schramko Intellectual Property Transfer (IPT®) is a suite of products and services designed to assist you with developing and growing your business or healthcare venture. The IPT® suite provides valuable expertise to develop and sustain a competitive advantage.

The IPT® Suite will provide:

• Organization for the strategic planning process
• Development of effective professional leadership
The building blocks for team development to execute the strategies
• Complimentary skills to close the gaps in experience or expertise.

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Why choose us

The IPT Suite includes:


Schramko & Associates provides education and training on leadership development, including business and personal strategic planning. The conferences are conducted at national and international sites and can be customized at the client’s location. Participants learn better leadership techniques to manage in a competitive environment.

Business / Healthcare Strategic Plans

A Strategic Business Plan addresses the goals and objectives of the business to develop a sustainable competitive advantage. This results in the achievement of an above-average rate of return on invested human and capital resources.

Personal Strategic Plans

A Personal Strategic Plan (PSP) identifies an individual’s leadership style and develops a pathway for learning through the use of Emotional Intelligence (EI) competencies. Linking business performance with leadership capabilities is a critical success factor. Better leaders make better business decisions.